Belly fat: Possible Causes and how to lose it


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Belly fat is a cluster of stubborn visceral fats and is a very alarming problem. It not only affects your appearance but also takes a toll on your mental health.

Anyone who has tried to reduce or get rid of stomach fat knows – it is not that easy as it seems to be.

The process involves a lot of dedication and determination and numerous sacrifices too.

Let us first understand why we gain belly fat at all. What makes us more prone to it and things we can do to either prevent or lose it.

Trans Fat

To begin with, fats are crucial for your body. But what’s more important is to know what fats are right for you. 

For example, trans fat is one of the unhealthiest fats. It not only leads to belly fat but also increases your overall body weight.

In addition to this, it also makes our body more vulnerable to chronic diseases including diabetes, cancer and much more. This type of fat is found in baked goods and packaged products.

Hence, you must reduce the consumption of food that contains high trans fat content. Instead, eat whole grain products that are rich in fibre and vegetables.


Apart from trans fat, consumption f alcohol can also be a contributing factor to belly fat. Alcoholic drinks do not provide any sort of nutrient to our body but calories. 

Therefore, it can cause greater visceral fat accumulation and a higher body mass index (BMI).

And if you are an alcoholic and want to reduce belly fat then you must stop immediately or at least slowly.

Sedentary lifestyle

If you are inactive and do not engage in physical activity, then losing belly fat is next to impossible for you.

Regular workout and exercises is what keeps you in shape and allows you to limit the fat storage around your waist.

Try doing ab-centric workouts that are easy to do at home. Do not do everything in one day – take small steps and you’ll see the results gradually. And make sure to be consistent.

Sugary foods and beverages

Since your dietary habits influence your health and weight so, try to consume less sugar.  If you consume too much sugar, you have the risk of developing excess belly fat leading to ‘beer guts’.

Refined carbs are hard to burn for energy, it gets stored as fats eventually.

The best way to control sugar cravings is to eat healthy carbs, whole foods and drink lots of water, so as to feel full and satisfied.



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