Ben Affleck Opened Up About Dealing With Wife Jennifer Lopez’s Fame  


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Ben Affleck is getting candid about the way he keeps up with wife Jennifer Lopez’s immense fame. During his recent appearance in the new episode of Kevin Hart’s Peacock chat show Hart to Heart, the Oscar winner sat down with the comedian to unveil some details about life and love. However, he didn’t address the ongoing rumours on the hardships of his and Lopez’s marriage. Let’s delve into the entire details of this story.

Ben Affleck believes wife Jennifer Lopez really represents something important to people

The 51-year-old said,”She’s so famous… [and] people love her, and she really represents something important to people,” Affleck told Hart. “[With me,] people are like, ‘Hey, I like your movie.’ [But] then they’re like ‘AAAHHHH! J.Lo! It’s amazing.”

Affleck also recalled an experience in which he and Lopez were joined by all five of their kids : Violet, 18, Seraphina, 15, and Samuel, 12, whom Affleck had from his marriage with Jennifer Garner, and Lopez’s 16-year-old twins Max and Emme, whom she shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony.

He recalled that the entire group was headed to a play in New York when the crowd got starstruck by his superstar wife. He said, “We were going to a play, and I was like, ‘F**k it, babe, we’re going to be late, we gotta walk a block and a half.’ And she was like, ‘All right.’ She didn’t say s**t.”

He shared,”So we get out with her, all the kids, through Times Square, and the s**t was like f**kin’ bananas. I was like, ‘Oh my god,'” Affleck recalled. “There was a lady, she was smoking weed, in a full purple skintight suit… and she starts running backwards filming, going ‘J.Lo!’ Like a herald.”

“That then gets everyone else, and then all the tourists come in,” the actor continued. “So then we’ve got our five kids, it’s me and Jen and what feels like hundreds of people, and they’re all screaming.”

However, this public life and fame also cost them a lot as the actor noted his kids “gone through some bulls**t” in their personal lives because of their father’s spotlight. 

“Every day I’m alive I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing by them, making their lives better,”the father of three explained. 

“It breaks my heart when I’m like, ‘This s**t would never happen if I wasn’t in this life,'” he explained. “And it’s hard. I really f**king second guess it, a lot.”

“But I also know I like this life better for them than the one I had,”Affleck continues. “I talk with Jennifer about that a lot as we look at what’s the difference between our kids’ lives.”

As for life in front of the camera , he is still in the process of being photogenic. 

“I’m a little bit shy. I don’t like a lot of attention. This is why people see me and they’re like, ‘Why is this dude always mad?'” Affleck noted. “Because someone had their camera sticking in my face, and I’m like, ‘OK, here we go.’”

During the conversation Hart quipped of the actor, “You have resting b**ch face.”

To which responded with a laugh,”‘B**ch?’ No. I have resting hard face. People are projecting onto me something that I don’t feel about myself at all.”

One thing is sure from this conversation that everything is well in their marriage.

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