Bradley Cooper has said that a well-known filmmaker made fun of him over his Oscar nominations.


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Bradley Cooper, a well-known actor in Hollywood, recently said that a well-known filmmaker made fun of him for receiving seven Oscar nominations.

In a recent podcast, Bradley Cooper said that the altercation occurred at a party he attended following the award season for the film he starred in, “A Star Is Born.” At the party was also the filmmaker who had previously made fun of the star of “The Hangover.” At the celebration, Cooper was accompanied by a buddy and an actress who, like Cooper, had been nominated for three Academy Awards.

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Cooper was ridiculed by the director, who asked, “What kind of a world are we living in where you have seven nominations, and she only has three?”

When Cooper was asked about the event on the podcast, he stated that at that moment, he had the want to address the director, “Bro, why are you being such a jackass?” He continued by saying, “I would never forget… it.”

However, Cooper has been on the receiving end of such patronising comments in the past. Cooper said that at one point, a “female actress” made fun of him for receiving his first Oscar nomination for the picture “Silver Linings Playbook,” which starred Jennifer Lawrence. Cooper was referring to the person who made the joke.

Cooper said again that the lady had remarked, “I saw your movie earlier. You should be given the nomination.” When the actor later passed the lady on his way to the restroom, the woman mouthed the words “The nom” once again.

Cooper acknowledged the thought, “What kind of a community is this? Could you ever fathom saying it to another person?”

His total number of Oscar nominations climbed from four to seven as a direct result of the success of the musical drama “A Star Is Born,” which also starred the singer Lady Gaga.

The famed Broadway composer Leonard Bernstein is the subject of the next film “Maestro,” which the 48-year-old actor is set to helm. It is anticipated that the actor will get further Oscar nominations for this film. Carey Mulligan, who would portray Bernstein’s wife Felicia Montealegre, would feature alongside Bradley Cooper in the role of Albert Bernstein.


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