Bruce Willis’ Wife Emma Sets Opens Up About His Dementia Battle


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Emma Heming Willis shares insights on husband Bruce Willis’ Dementia battle. After reading a “clickbait” article about the Die Hard actor, who has been battling frontotemporal dementia for over a year his wife seems to clarify that her husband isn’t totally devoid of joy. On March 3, Emma posted a video on Instagram talking about her husband’s current condition. Let’s check out what she had revealed.

Emma said that the headline is far from the truth

The 45-year-old said in the video, “The headline basically says there is no more joy in my husband.Now, I can just tell you, that is far from the truth.”

Emma, who shares daughters Mabel Willis, 11, and Evelyn Willis, 9, with the actor reveals,  “Stop scaring people to think that once they get a diagnosis of some kind of neurocognitive disease that, ‘That’s it. It’s over. Let’s pack it up. Nothing else to see here. We’re done.’ No, it’s the complete opposite of that.”

She shared the video with a long caption saying, “ My experience is that two things can be true and exist at the same time. Grief and deep love. Sadness and deep connection. Trauma and resilience. I had to get out of my own way to get here but once I arrived, life really started to come together with meaning and I had a true sense of purpose. There is so much beauty and soulfulness in this story.Here’s what I’ve come to understand is that we are being educated by the wrong people.”

She also added, “People that have an opinion versus an experience. People that have not taken the time to properly educate themselves on any kind of neurocognitive disease. Why can I be so bold and say that? Because I see headline after headline and blurbs of misinformation. I’m not even talking about my family, I’m used to the craziness of these farfetched headlines and stories. I’m just talking about baseline dementia awareness and what’s being fed to the public. You wonder why anxiety and depression is up in our society. I honestly think part of it has to do with this kind of clickbait, how things are framed and pushed out to us and how we have a split second to take that information in.”

Emma concluded the statement with a request to be mindful, “ Man, it’ll do a number on my psyche. To whom it may concern, please be mindful how you frame your story’s to the public about dementia and dig deeper. There are so many wonderful organizations and specialist within this space to reach out to so you can really do your due diligence to iron your story and content out.”

The news of Bruce’s condition was first announced in February 2023 by his family, wife Emma and their daughters and also his ex-wife Demi Moore and their kids Rumer Willis, 35, Scout Willis, 32, and Tallulah Willis, 30.

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