BTS’ Jin Takes ARMY On a Journey to The World Beyond in His Music Video for The Astronaut


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The music video of BTS’ Jin solo single The Astronaut is finally here, much to the delight of the ARMY who have been eagerly awaiting the singer to release his soulful creation for the fandom to listen to. The music video will be out of this world with Coldplay’s magic and Jin’s ethereal vocals!

In front of us is an astronaut. Days after releasing a slew of stunning concept photos, the Epiphany singer, along with Coldplay, is here to make our day even more special by releasing the long-awaited music video. The Astronaut has Jin presenting his out-of-this-world visuals paired with heavenly vocals, thanks to Coldplay providing us with a snippet of the song in their recent tweet.

With the official teaser for the single giving a major Stranger Things vibe, ARMY is more than ready to hear Jin’s soulful vocals blend in perfect symphony with the music video. So, without further ado, here is the official M/V of The Astronaut ( that fans have been anticipating:


While Jin’s sweet voice is enough to transport fans to heaven, the music video transports the ARMY to a place where they can find themselves drifting off into their happy place as they close their eyes and allow the beautiful lyrics to sink deep into their soul. since the release of the logo trailer for The Astronaut, fans have been overcome with emotion.

From stepping out of an A-shaped spacecraft to a dog jumping across meteorites with him, which may be a tribute to his late pet dog Jjangu, fans were made to feel special from the start as it indicated a small tribute to ARMY, whom he considers to be the earth while projecting himself as the moon.

While for some, this song may represent Jin’s way of saying goodbye to this planet as he steps out to embark on a journey to the other world (his military enlistment in this case), for others, it may appear as a special thank you song to ARMY and his beloved ones, whom he loved and cherished at various stages of his life and moves ahead to find the light at the end of the tunnel, the ultimate purpose of his life.


It is safe to say that Coldplay’s The Astronaut is the ideal gift for Jin, as he temporarily steps out of the shoes of an idol and marches ahead to fulfil his military duties to the nation. On a more positive note, fans will soon be able to see Jin perform the song alongside the band at their MUSIC of the SPHERES concert in Argentina.

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