Camping Hacks Every Camper Must Know


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Here are some of the best camping hacks that every camper should know because with these tips you won’t be feeling unprepared.

1. Make your own pillow with pillowcase and clothes

Don’t bother packing an extra pillow while camping. Instead, use your clothes and a pillowcase. This will be a great replacement for an extra bag as well.

2. Make your own lantern with a headlamp

For camping, you will definitely need an extra nighttime lantern. But even if are not carrying it, no worries – you can make your own lantern with a large water bottle and a headlamp.

You just have to wrap the head strap around a large, clear plastic bottle so that the light is facing inwards and then turn it on!


3. Prep your meals at home.

If you prepare the meals from home, it will save you a lot of time and therefore you can cut down the resulting cooking mess.

Furthermore, if you know the ingredients required for the meal then you should collect them or chop them beforehand.


4. Use Doritos as kindling

Lighting fire is a very crucial step when you go camping. And if you are unable to light the fire then you can use the expensive fire starter sticks.

But you can also skip this part and use Doritos or Fritos instead. These dense, oily corn chips are easy to light on fire and will last for a long time, making them ideal kindling for starting a fire.

Moreover, they also act as an emergency snack if you are having cravings.


5. Bring microfiber towels

Weight is a very big issue while carrying the equipment for camping. So, carry microfiber towels. These towels are lightweight and more absorbent than normal towels.

If you have no issues with the weight then it has one more advantage – they dry quickly. It means you won’t have to worry about growing moulds once they’re packed.

Using these in place of paper towels would reduce waste, hence these are environment friendly.


6. Use block ice in your cooler

Instead of buying ice for your coolers and wasting money, buy a large ice block. This would save you a lot of money.

Ice blocks have less surface area than individual cubes, it will take time to melt. And if you want cubes to infrequently add to a drink, keeping your ice in the bag until you need a cube will help increase ice’s lifespan


7. Keep a checklist

Checklists are all important necessities when it comes to all the packing, unpacking, and repacking that goes on in a camping trip!

Preparing a checklist ahead of time and deciding what goes in which bags will make sure you don’t forget those important items like lighters or cookware that can make or break a great camping trip.





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