Chinese-Pop star Arrested on Suspicion of Rape?


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Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu captured on doubt of assault. Officials in Beijing said the examination focused on online charges that the star, 30.  His charges were assault of young ladies on numerous occasions and forcing them for sexual relations.

The primary allegation came early this month when a lady said he attacked her while she tanked.

Mr. Wu, perhaps the greatest superstar, prevented every one of the claims from getting an attack.

The first to denounce him was 19-year-old understudy Du Meizhu. She posted via online media that she met Mr. Wu when she was 17.

She said she hosted a welcome to a get-together at his home. Where she, constrained to drink liquor, woke up in his bed the following day.

Ms. Du said seven different ladies had disclosed to her Mr. Wu had lured them with guarantees of occupations and different freedoms. She said some were minors.

Something like 24 additional ladies have since approached claiming improper conduct.

Mr. Wu, denied handling Ms. Du with liquor, furthermore dismissed different charges. Charges according to which he allured young ladies to engage in sexual relations as a trade-off for benefits. As well as, assaulted young ladies while they were oblivious. And had intercourse with minors, for instance.

Under Chinese law, under-18s are viewed as minors, while the period of sexual assent is 14.

The star went boggers online after the claims against him. Some of his self-defences include exclaiming:

  • There was no ‘groupie sex!
  • There was no ‘underage!
  • If something was true, he would place himself in prison!

His legal counselors are suing Ms. Du for maligning her.

The occurrence comes as consciousness of sex-based savagery in China has developed, started by the #MeToo development in 2018, where ladies voiced their encounters of inappropriate behavior, some of the time including high-profile figures.



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