Dr. Muneeb Shah: The most followed dermatologist on TikTok shared the don’ts of the Beauty trends


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Dr. Muneeb Shah who is the most followed dermatologist on Tik Tok shared what beauty trends we should not follow. In his recent interview with E-news, the doctor gives some tips about how to keep ourselves healthy and beautiful at the same time.

Dr. Muneeb Shah said to take time with things

In a recent interview with E-news, Dr. Shah said why should we avoid certain trends. He said, “I think anything that you see that shows up and it trending is the first time you ever heard about it. I would just be a little skeptical and take my time with it because the things that actually do work will stay around for much longer than a week or a day right?”

Later on, he said to do research before buying any skincare products. He said, “Take your time with things. It is your skin. It is the thing that everybody sees when they first meet you. You definitely don’t want to break down your skin barrier with anything crazy.”

According to Dr. Shah explained DIY treatments like homemade chemical peels, and dotted make-up hacks we should not follow blindly.

He noted, “One of the things is like these ‘do it yourself’ hacks where people are taking lemon, lime, baking soda, mixing it together and then apply it as a pace to the face. We just don’t know like how safe that pH is going to be for the skin and how irritating it’s going to be—especially when we have so many good skincare products out there. We really don’t need to be doing things like that.”

The 34-year-old continues, “I would definitely avoid at-home micro needling. The derma rolling—I’m not a big fan of that, especially if you don’t clean the device. Those are the things I would recommend avoiding right now.”

Make your notes on Dr.Shah’s advice to avoid any skin damage.

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