Eating Disorder- What is Anorexia Nervosa?


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A lot of people in the contemporary world, are very insecure about how they look. All thanks to the increasing society pressure and standards.  Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder that is portrayed by an unusual low body weight. It is often accompanied by a deep fear of gaining weight.  Anorexic people have a distorted perception of weight.

Individuals with anorexia place a high worth on controlling their weight, size and shape. These stressfully outrageous endeavors tend to significantly interfere with the normal lives of Anorexic people.

In order to prevent excess weight gain people generally restrict the amount of food intake. They even keep a strict exercising schedule to keep draining what is according to them is excess weight of their body.

Some people go to extreme heights, by taking laxatives, diet aids, diuretics or enemas. They even vomit out food to control extra calorie intake.

People exercise extensively to reduce their body weight. People never feel satisfied with the amount of weight they have lost and as a result they continue to shed more and more every day.

The disorder isn’t really about food and could also be a very life-threatening disorder. For many people anorexia  is also a way to cope with emotional problems. Anorexic people often equate thinness with self-worth.

Like drug and alcohol addiction, anorexia can take over your life and ruin it to ashes.  But with treatment and therapy you can become better and get fully cured of this disorder.

You can acquire a superior feeling of what your identity is, get back to better dietary patterns and opposite a portion of anorexia’s grave complexities.


Some of the symptoms of Anorexia include:

Extreme weight reduction or not making expected formative weight gains


Thin appearance


Abnormal blood checks






Dizziness or swooning


Bluish staining of the fingers


Hair that diminishes, breaks or drops out


Soft, fleece hair covering the body


Absence of monthly cycle


Constipation and stomach torment


Dry or yellowish skin


Intolerance of cold


Irregular heart rhythms


Low circulatory strain




Swelling of arms or legs


Eroded teeth and calluses on the knuckles from regular forced vomiting


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