England Delays Lockdown-19 July Rather Than June 21


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The Prime Minister stated that the final phase of the British lockdown relaxation measures will be postponed to July 19, which means that most of the remaining social contact restrictions will continue until after June 21.

The wedding guest limit will be canceled, but the venue still needs to comply with other rules. Boris Johnson stated that a review will be conducted in two weeks and is “confident” that the delay will not exceed “We will monitor the position every day.

If two weeks later we conclude that the risk has been rejected, then we reserve to proceed to the fourth step. Capacity and fully open up as soon as possible,” he told Downing Street.

Scientists who advise the government warn that if the fourth phase of the relaxation of the lockdown occurs on June 21, people who need to be hospitalized for Covid-19 will “recover significantly.”

A variant of Delta first discovered in India. Johnson said that the fourth phase on June 21 will mean that the virus “very likely” will outperform the vaccine and cause thousands of deaths that could have been avoided.

He said that the NHS has “more critical weeks” to vaccinate people, adding that although the link between infection and hospitalization has been “weakened”, it has not been “cut.”


What will change from June 21?


The number of guests for weddings and night vigils will no longer be limited to 30. However, the venue must comply with social distancing and the host must conduct a risk assessment.

Table service will be required-6 people per table-and no dancing. Indoor floors are allowed. Residents of nursing homes You will no longer need to self-quarantine for 14 days after returning from a foreign visit.

Exceptions include high-risk travel, such as staying overnight in the hospital. Delays mean keeping limits on the number of people who can meet, allowing up to 30 people to meet outdoors and up to 6 people or two families to meet indoors.

However, 15 coronavirus pilot activities will continue as planned, including some upcoming Euro 2020 matches, Wimbledon Tennis Open, and art and music performances. Participants will need to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative test.

Capacity restrictions in other places will continue to exist, and nightclubs will remain closed. It is recommended that working from home as much as possible will continue to be effective.

The extension of the restriction will be subject to a vote by the House of Commons. This may trigger a large-scale conservative rebellion, and a debate is expected on Wednesday.


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