Europe: Most Gorgeous Places to visit


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Europe is not one of the biggest continents of the world but still has a lot to lure visitors from across the world.

Apart from luxurious beaches, limestone cliffs, small towns and lavender fields, Europe also offers some of the best mountain views on the planet.

 Here are some of the most amazing places that one must go to while visiting Europe. 

Provence, France

Provence, France is a beautiful city with marvellous lavender fields stretching over the horizon, Michelin-starred cuisine, charming roads, art studios, mountain passes, and the dazzling blues of the Mediterranean Sea.

These highlights make the city of Provence stand out in France.


Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is a UNESCO Heritage site with a combination of lavish green meadows and majestic glaciers that makes this place unique.

 It is also known for its primaeval salt mine with the oldest wooden staircase in Europe. What makes this place even more remarkable and interesting is that these historic sites are around 3000 years old!

 Moreover, it is a popular destination for snowboarding and skiing.

Lakeside village of Hallstatt, Austria, early morning

Trolltunga, Norway

The fact that every corner of this place seems to undo the other is what makes it exceptional. 

Situated in Norway, Trolltunga is one of the most enormous and picturesque cliffs that stands at a height of around 700 m above the Ringedalsvatnet Lake.

It is located at the western edge of the Hardangervidda plateau, was actually carved by the icecap that once covered most of Scandinavia.

Landscape photography of Norway

Meteora, Greece

Meteora is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famous for being the largest archaeological site in Greece,

Currently, just 4 of Meteora’s 24 original 11th-century monasteries, which were built on almost unapproachable sandstone towers, survive. These massive rock pillars with monasteries create an unreal scene that you will find nowhere else in the world!

Meteora monasteries, the Holy Monastery of Roussanou at foreground, Greece

Lapland, Finland

The city of Lapland has a wide reindeer population as compared to humans, exclusive landscapes, and frequent Northern Lights on display.

Lapland indeed is a magical place to spend a dream vacation.

Every season is inimitably different from each other here, although, during the winters, it turns into a wonderland. This northernmost part of Lapland actually lets you reboot in nature.

Aerial sunny winter view of Lapland

Kirkjufell, Iceland

Kirkjufell is one of the best places in Iceland to experience the magic of the Northern Lights and is also the most photographed site in the country.

The beautiful and gigantic Church Mountain, is a distinctly shaped mountain that looks like scooped ice cream, really a sight for sore eyes!








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