Evan Peters Shared the details of preparation for Playing Jeffrey Dahmer


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Evan Peters famously portrayed serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in the recent Netflix series DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. The series has become hugely popular. Peter’s performance as such a dark character was also praised by the audience and critics. The actor has finally opened up about the preparation for this deadly character. Although the series has received a lot of criticism from the victim’s family, Peter’s performance steals the show. 

Evan Peters said being in Dahmer’s character is quite difficult for him

On November 28, while talking with director Ryan Murphy and the ensemble cast of the series, the actor talked about his preparations. The 35-year-old first detailed the process of adapting the audio of the character. 

“He (Jeffrey Dahmer) has such a distinct voice and that dialect. I worked with dialect coaches and then created this 45-minute audio composite that I listened to every day to stay in the accent, but also to really get into the mindset for the day and all the scenes we were shooting. I tried to attempt to understand what he was thinking and going through. I just tried to stay in it because it was too hard to go in and out of it.”- the actor revealed.

Later on, director Murphy revealed the actor wore lead weights around his hands to adapt to Dahmer’s distinct posture.

“In the beginning it was important for me to get how that felt. As we were shooting, I let that go. In the beginning I wore wardrobe’s shoes, jeans and glasses. I had a cigarette in my hand at all times, just trying to get all of these external second-nature so I wasn’t thinking about it when we were shooting.”- Peters added.

Later on, the actor talked about how playing such a negative role affects him. “I put in so much negativity and darkness to portray the character. that I thought, ‘OK, once this is done, all of that goes away and I have to get back into the light and start filling myself back up with comedies and romance and sorts of things like that.'”- He explained.

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