Fans react as members of BTS and BLACKPINK attempt pole dancing in Paris. V and Lisa. Watch


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At an after-party in Paris, members V of BTS and Lisa of BLACKPINK both tried their hands at pole dancing. There was a video that went viral on Twitter in which V and Lisa could be seen attempting to pole dance as other people in the room cheered them on. The vocalists took a recent trip to France for them to see a fashion show together. Additionally present at the occasion was the South Korean actor Park Bo-gum. At the concert, V had a chance encounter with the actor Eddie Redmayne, and the two had an embraced.

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V, also known as Kim Taehyung, was be seen chuckling and laughing throughout the latest video footage as he rotated around the pole. Lisa was observed doing two attempts at pole dancing, during which she was spotted leaping on the bar. V attended the event wearing a black pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, and a black jacket that he knotted around his waist. Lisa was seen walking about in a black dress and boots that matched.

A supporter remarked on Twitter while sharing the video, “Are all of us experiencing a shared hallucination, or did Taehyung and Lisa attempt pole dancing at Celine’s after-party? I have passed away.” Another individual said, “Lisa, pole dancing is something I didn’t even realize I needed till now.” A tweet said, “Never in my life would I have dreamed that I’d see the day Lisa and Taehyung pole dancing. How is this all true.”

An individual who uses Twitter said that the event “Taehyung pole dancing in a Parisian basement ruin bar was not on my 2022 bingo card, but here we are.” A fan voiced their confusion by asking, “People got to witness the Kim Taehyung pole dance right in front of them for FREE????”

Earlier, V shared images on his Instagram Stories that showed him goofing about near his private plane. The pictures were taken using his phone. In addition, he uploaded a photo of himself and Bo-gum as they made their way to the airport. V also published photographs of himself posing near the Eiffel Towers and subsequently with a puppy in his arms.


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