Gigi Hadid give a new update on her daughter


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Gigi Hadid and her ex Zayn Malik are blessed with their beautiful daughter Khai. However, both of them aren’t open about their daughter as they want to give her proper privacy.But in a recent interview with Sunday, TODAY airing on Sept 11 the supermodel unveil some facts about her daughter. With a chat with Willie Geist, the 27-year-old told she thinks her daughter is a  ‘genius’. Let’s see what the supermodel has to say!

Gigi Hadid said her baby Khai is a ‘genius’

In a chat with Sunday Today, the supermodel said a lot about her daughter. Though Gigi Hadid broke up with her baby’s father Zayn Malik still they are co-parenting their kid. Hadid and Malik have always been so serious about their baby’s privacy. They always cover her face in pictures and in public to protect her privacy. In the interview, Hadid said her daughter is a “blessing” and sure that she is a ‘genius’ as well. She said, “I think she’s a genius, But I think that’s what everyone says about their kid.”

She later on continues,” It’s so much fun. The more that she talks, understands, and remembers, it just gets more and more fun. And she’s a blessing.”

The 27-year-old also said her daughter is so ‘mobile”. Moreover, she also said that she wanted to make memories with her daughter similar to her childhood.

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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik broke up in October 2021

In October 2021, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik calls it to quit after Malik allegedly harras Gigi’s mother Yolanda Hadid. Still, they decided to co-parent their daughter together. However, the couple broke up and reconcile several times since the inception of their relationship in 2015. This time it seems like ended finally. 

Both of their fans were really heartbroken after their split but still, they are really happy to see them on good terms while raising their daughter.


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