Google Photos Free Unlimited Storage ends, Alternatives?


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Google is going to end the free storage feature in Google Photos for its users on June 1, 2021.

With the expiry date approaching, people fear losing their old memories. Therefore, many you will be looking for alternatives for Google Photos, where you can save your photos for free without worrying about storage.

June 1 onwards the company will restrict the access to unlimited storage and put a cap of 15 GB.

So, if you exceed this limit you have to purchase additional storage from the company. To be sure, the memory space has been split between Google Photos, Drive and Gmail.

What does it mean?

This means that the users will get only 15Gb to store files across Google, Drive and Gmail. Before this, there was no such restriction on file storage.

Therefore, the users need to stay within the storage limit otherwise they will have to pay for the excess storage.

Users can also download Google One. This will help users identify the storage use and provide different solutions that can free up storage space.

The users who have not used their 15GB storage limit yet will not be impacted instantly. Once the storage limit begins nearing, Google account users will be notified.

How to backup your data? Are there any alternatives?

Google One can be used to increase the storage capacity but it comes at monthly and annual subscription fees.

If you will pay on a monthly basis, you’ll get 100GB of storage.

Microsoft OneDrive is another alternative if you want to store images. This will provide users space as well as access to many Microsoft services.

It is free up to 5GB, but if you want to increase storage capacity (100GB) you have to pay the subscription fee. 

Users can also go for Amazon Photos. It allows unlimited storage for full-resolution photo storage and the service could also be shared between five family members.

Moreover, it provides many editing, search and sharing features. For Amazon Prime members these services are easily available but for non-Prime members, the storage is limited to 5GB.

Users with iPhone can make the most of Apple Photos. It offers powerful AI features, integration across the Apple ecosystem, along with a host of editing tools.

The storage is free up to 5GB. But keep in mind that the services are limited to Apple users only and will not work with Android or Windows operating systems.

You can also use Cloud storage- DropBox to store files. This alternative is expensive as compared to others. The free storage provided by it can only be accessed up to 2GB.



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