Harry Styles confuses fans with his accent in ‘Don’t Worry Darling’


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Grammy winner singer Harry Styles was in a lot of hype for his upcoming acting film ‘Don’t Worry Darling’. This Olivia Wilde-directed film is all set to release on 23rd September. This is also Wilde’s second directorial film. After the trailer of the film, Styles fans are extremely excited to see him on screen. However, in a recent video clip of this film Styles’s accent confuses a lot of netizens. The clip was released on 25th September. Let’s see why Netizens criticised the singer’s accent

In the clip, Harry Styles is speaking in neither a British nor American accent

In the most anticipated film ‘Don’t worry Darling ‘ Styles will be playing the role of Jack Chambers, a workaholic young man who lives with his wife Alice ( Florence Pugh). However, their problems begin when Alice becomes curious about her husband’s mysterious job. 

On 25 September, Rolling Stone shared a new clip of the film (, where Jack ( Harry Styles) and Alice (Florence Pugh) are seen in a heated argument. When he said,” Not everyone gets this opportunity, if you keep talking like this you’re gonna put it all at risk” netizens point out in this line Styles is talking in a British accent. But in another line when he said, “Our life, Alice, Our life together this we could lose this” his accent is kinda unrecognisable. It was neither British nor American. They become confused about his role, They start questioning on social media whether it’s a British or American character. According to them, the 28-year-old singer’s accent switched twice in this short 18 minutes clip.

Moreover, on Twitter they started questioning while being British himself, how can Styles talk with such a bad British accent. Later on, one user compared his accent with Florence Pugh’s American accent and said his bad accent was really funny besides her.

Honestly, we can judge Styles’ acting or accent after the release of the film. So till now, you have to wait for the film!

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