How to Start a Conversation With Someone?


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New beginnings are always a bit hard. Specifically at a new job or new school or college, starting a conversation can be very tricky. What if you spoke too much or shared excess of your personal info? What if you just shared a smidge just because you’re boring others? What if you triggered a nostalgic or critical memory for someone? What if the person you’re talking to is overly sensitive and you had no idea about it?

Yeah, you’re right, there are all sorts of possibilities for conversation to take a wrong turn. Such wrong turns might also haunt you in your sleep if you think too much. So what should we do? Should we wait for others to start a conversation and give ‘not interested vibes just because we don’t know how to respond?

Well, the answer is very simple really. Talk about whatever you feel comfortable with and what the other person also approves. Take the hint, read the room, and only then tell the talk. If you’re too nervous to respond, then tell the other person. “Hey, if you think I’m not interested to talk to you then you’re wrong, I’m just socially awkward, it has nothing to do with you.” Would sound better than ghosting the other person or awkwardly walking away.

Well, there are all sorts of conversations happening around you. The key to a good conversation is ‘more of listening and less of speaking,’ as some conversation guide says. But in today’s world, we need a proper indulgence in a conversation. We need to match the energy and spontaneity of the next person.

After all of this, you should also keep in mind that, if they wanna converse with you, then they would find a way. If not then, then you wait or keep yourself occupied with other things. Because being mum is better than talking garbage!


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