Jake Tapper’s Daughter Alice shared her journey of dealing with life-threatening Appendicitis


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American Journalist Jake Tapper’s Daughter Alice shared her journey of dealing with life-threatening appendicitis. On December 15, she shared an opinion piece for CNN on her health journey. She said how a misdiagnosis last year almost reached the moment of losing her life. 

Jake Tapper’s Daughter Alice said the misdiagnosis almost took her life 

The 15-year-old shared a piece of opinion for CNN. Alice wrote in the articles about her health. She wrote, “It started one weekend in November 2021 with stomach cramping, a low fever, chills, and vomiting. Soon it became clear I needed to go to the emergency room. By the time I got there, I had low blood pressure, an elevated heart rate, intense abdominal pain, and a high white blood cell count.”

However, in spite of being given IV fluids, her condition isn’t improving. At this point in time due to her bad health, he shifted to another hospital where her health deteriorated. 

“With guidance from my pediatrician, my parents told the doctors to check for appendicitis. But since I was tender all over my abdomen—not just on my right side—the doctors ruled it out.”- she added.

Moreover, she revealed, “The doctors concluded that what I had must be a viral infection and would eventually just go away.”

However, her health fell down even more and her skin even turned ‘pale green’. Still, the doctors aren’t doing anything rather than giving Tylenol for her pain. 

The teen recalled, “My mom asked my doctors why I couldn’t get a sonogram to see what was happening inside my abdomen; they said it wasn’t needed. My dad asked why I couldn’t get antibiotics; the doctors said for a viral infection they could do more harm than good. My parents kept pushing for a gastroenterologist who might have more insight about my condition to evaluate me, but one never came.”

Eventually, after going through a lot of pain, the doctors finally diagnosed her problem. She ended her essay by saying that she wasn’t alone in this turmoil. 

“It breaks my heart to think about the boys and girls who don’t have parents who can get the phone number of the hospital administrator—who can’t make their voices break through. I still can’t believe this happened to me—and I don’t want it to happen to anyone else.”- she said.

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