Jimin of BTS has said that he intends to be “a bit more frank” in his subsequent solo ventures.


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Jimin, a member of the boy band BTS, has spoken out about his upcoming solo projects, stating that he hopes to be “just a bit more explicit” and reveal something “a little more honest about me.” In addition to that, he said that he is interested in doing “some darker content.”

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Jimin, a member of the boy band BTS, has discussed his plans for the future regarding his solo ventures by stating that he is “going to attempt to take on a lot of new things.” Jimin has recently said in an interview that he is in the process of speaking with a variety of producers. In addition, he said he believes he “needs to take on this issue in the appropriate manner.”

Jimin has revealed further information about his following projects, and one of those details is his desire to continue “moving right through, remaining united with the producers.” He said they would “essentially constantly be together for roughly a month” from that point forward. Jimin has said that he has met with the producers several times and that during these meetings, they have spoken about “what messages and what type of look or image I want to get over.” Jimin was talking about their conversation.

Jimin responded to a question regarding whether or not he would want to exhibit more of himself as an artist in an interview with Reverse magazine: “It’s possible that I could be a little bit more specific. I feel like I can express something about myself that is a little bit more unfiltered. That may involve a more mature side as well. Still, I’m interested in displaying something closer to my genuine rawness directly in media like music or music videos. Because of this, I believe I will be able to demonstrate something I have never done before. Something that displays the topics that I often think about somewhat more honestly, for example?”

He continued by saying, “My ideas have already been adequately expressed on BTS’s albums, but, you know, some of the older members have previously dealt with some heavier subject matter on their mixtapes. My perspectives are already effectively represented on BTS’s albums, and I believe I am attempting to achieve something similar.


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