Kabul Airport Bomb Blast Attack


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Two powerful bomb blasts have struck the border of Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport. As regular citizens kept on trying to escape on departures from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

With around 90 deaths and 150 casualties, the situation has taken a gruesome turn. The Pentagon affirmed 13 US administration workforce were among those killed.

The bombings came hours after Western governments cautioned their residents to avoid the air terminal. All on account of an up-and-coming danger of an assault by IS-K. The Afghanistan part of the Islamic State bunch.

The primary blast occurred at about 18:00 nearby time (13:30 GMT). It was near the Baron Hotel, close to the air terminal’s edge. The hotel was originally a place of stay for the British authorities. As they were heading to deal with Afghans expecting to reach out to the UK.

The 1st bomb scene was trailed by gunfire afterward. Later they also planted a second blast near the Abbey Gate, one of the airport terminal’s primary doorways.

The subsequent blast then takes place almost a sewage waterway.  The place where Afghans were holding back to deal, near the door.  Reports suggest that a few casualties were blown into the water.

A US official said that somewhere around one aggressor had been wearing a touchy vest.

US and British soldiers were to watch the region around the Abbey Gate.

As indicated by one record, one aggressor terminated into a horde of individuals, even though reports likewise said Taliban monitors had terminated into the air.

US residents who had gone to the space around the air terminal had been cautioned before the assault to “leave right away”.

Loss figures are rising each passing day. The last number of US and Afghan – including Taliban – losses stays unverified. However, the Pentagon said that 13 US military workforce died and 15 harmed.


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