Kate Winslet’s Hairstyles on New Poster confuses Titanic Fans


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Kate Winslet’s new hairstyle on the latest 3D Titanic poster makes the internet puzzled. Kate’s iconic character Rose’s hair can be seen with two different hairstyles in the sign.
Let’s check out this head-turning photo;

Kate Winslet’s head-turning hair is not the only aspect of the poster receiving flack

It’s been 84 years and we’re still trapped in the wrecked ship!

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Titanic, a new poster was released featuring Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio). However, the fans’ focus is not on the two stars this time as Rose’s two simultaneous hairstyles snatch all attention.

In the promotional poster, Rose’s hairdo is spotted on different sides of the head either side of her head. On one side, Kate’s character is wearing her locks down without curls while on the other, the character has a curly updo.

One user wrote, “when I’m in the middle of doing my hair and Lyft says the lifeboat will arrive in 2 min.” Whereas, another added, “This is strange.”

However, the shocking hair change is not the only aspect of the poster receiving flack. Many viewers felt that Jack, who is holding Rose in the poster, looks a bit off. As, one user added, “Leos’s fingers are weird, and don’t grab anything.”

Despite mixed judgment of what this poster is causing, some fans have theorized the differing hair choices as a symbolic meaning to Rose’s character.

One wrote on Twitter, “I think it’s intentional, like the two sides of her, the one controlled by her mother and the true self after she met jack.”

The poster was released to promote the upcoming showings of Titanic in theaters on Feb. 10 in honor of the film’s anniversary celebration.

Per a press release, the movie will be shown at a high frame rate with a remastered version.

Either way of being remastered it’s safe to say Rose will still only have one hairstyle at a time during the actual film.

Titanic: Kate and Leo
Titanic New Poster (Google)

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