Kelly Clarkson Is Not Aware Of The Toxic Working Environment At Her Talk Show


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Kelly Clarkson opened up about plans to change how work is done at her talk show. As some staff from the show are complaining about the toxic working environment.  In the May issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, ten staff members from the Kelly Clarkson Show spoke out about their working time on the show. However, one staff member said the host didn’t have any,” clue how unhappy her staff is.” Kelly revealed in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she was “blindsided” by the issue.


Kelly said sucks to have something, anything happen behind the scenes that you maybe didn’t know


The singer told the outlet, “I think the important thing is, I think we get into this mindset of canceling everything or everyone. And I think that’s not unhealthy because it’s like, ‘OK then…’ Because what you’re saying is every time somebody says something, then it’s just over. And it’s like, that’s not how you work on things. You have to progress. You have to go, ‘Oh man, well maybe we can do better at this. Obviously, we might have missed the mark here, so what can we do better?'”

Moreover, she added, “Our whole thing is connection, inclusivity, everything like that. So we were already planning on [addressing], ‘How are we going to marry these groups and make sure everybody feels like they’re valued and a part of the team?’ And that there’s not like, ‘Oh, they’re the L.A. team, the New York team,'” she shares. “So we already had that mentality before any of this happened.”

However, she admits, “it sucks to have something, anything happen behind the scenes that you maybe didn’t know. It’s a great point.”

“Season five, let’s start, let’s remind everybody who we are, not only on the outside but on the inside and how we like to carry ourselves and how we like to… I don’t know, just proceed in everyday work life,” the 41-year-old added. “A lot of us are older now. I’m 41. I’m like, ‘I don’t want to come to work with people not having a good time.’I don’t need to, I’d rather be in my ranch if I’m being real. So I want everybody to feel happy and feel empowered and inspired. And I think that’s all that did for us is one, recognize: ‘OK, there’s something wrong, maybe.’ I didn’t know when that first came out. So, how do we fix this? How do we be better and better examples? So we’re already doing that, and adding onto what we already had planned initially, just to make sure everybody feels included and a part of the team.”

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