‘Kota Factory’ Makers Opened Up About The Idea Behind The Series 


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‘Kota Factory’ makers Raghav Subbu and Pratish Mehta opened up about their idea behind making the series. The season three of the popular Netflix series is currently under rader of the critics for the accusations of glorifying ‘IIT dreams.’ In a recent interview with IndiaToday.in, the creators of the show spoke about the criticism and what ‘Kota Factory’ really stands for. Let’s check out the complete details of this story.

Showrunner Raghav Subbu noted that Kota Factory doesn’t glorify

Raghav Subbu said, “We are all dangling with a treat in front of us, in our lives, and we are all chasing it. Be it money, power, fame, recognition, love, or any position you want – we have that dangling in front of our eyes, and we are constantly running to get it. I don’t think it’s a glorification of a system. A lot of people come from this place of the anti-establishment to say ‘oh, this system is wrong’. But, this system exists for a reason. Every system has its own problems.”

Subbu explained that a system like IIT is so structured that people tend to find their problems with it. However, it’s important for us to focus on the silver lining as he noted. He explained,”Anything so rudiment and structured will have its problems – problems with organised things. It needs to change and keep evolving, and I don’t think, as creators of this show, we don’t support the education system and stick to it because we are all anti-establishment. But, we have to look at the beautiful things in it. And that is what ‘Kota Factory’ is all about – finding the colour within these lines,”

The criticism regarding the show started storming up after an IIT alumnus referred to the whole IIT dream of the show ‘pointless’. He wrote on X, “Apart from aunties appreciating you, it makes no difference and after 10 years, 99% of the students end up in the same place. It is much better to chill around, and have fun, rather than grinding hard only to have anxiety and depression and reach the same destination (sic).”

Pratish Mehta, the director of the show, ‘Kota Factory’ noted,  “At the end of the day, whatever the journey maybe, whether it’s the IIT or any other stream, it’s never about what you’ve studied. It’s always about what you’ve learnt from the entire process. It’s about the things that you go through during that time. Preparing for IIT, cracking it, not cracking it – is not important. It’s the journey, the friendship, the relationship and how that time makes you learn so much – that matters. This is the journey which sets your future, which designs the kind of person you will become tomorrow.”

Moreover, he also mentioned an incident that happened with Jitender Kumar who plays Jeetu Bhaiya in the show. He recalled,”I remember someone asked Jeetu about him leaving IIT and said, ‘don’t you think you wasted a seat?’. I was with him and I asked ‘how can you say that?’ A person could have pursued a course, but it’s not mandatory for him or her to make a career out of it.”

He continues, “It’s not the course that matters, but the journey. You will be wasting that seat only when you haven’t learnt anything from your time in college. Whatever you have learnt from your time here is the only thing you will contribute to the world later. It’s very simple. You go to school and college, you spend 10–20 years there, and that creates the very fundamental aspects of your being. That shapes up your future decisions.”

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