Love Vs Money: The Ultimate Choice!


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We have come across different movies, series, celebrities, and other people or by any other source, that talk about how love is the ultimate treasure in life.


One should seek love rather than other materialistic/money-related possessions in life to be happy and satisfied.

But does it imply for everyone? Should it be the ultimate truth of life?


love or money

If we take a more practical approach, a lot is going on in this world. Every person is surrounded by different challenges and difficulties in their lives.

A lot of people die from hunger and poverty every day. Farmers are committing suicide because of their massive debts. Children are malnourished. Teenagers are forced into sex jobs.


People get kidnapped and traded for money. Girls are kidnapped and sent into sex trafficking. There is child labor everywhere. Children are mining. So much is happening to even describe the events in detail.

And these things are governed by one and only, Money. A poor person, will not think about love, until and unless they have possessions that can buy food and shelter for them and their children.


A farmer can’t think of love until and unless they have paid off their debt rather than passing it on to their children. Even the rapists don’t have any intention of love.

People get so hungry that they can’t even think about anything properly and there is no one to feed them. There are millions of children in the orphanage centers, who haven’t been loved enough by their parents to be kept with them.


Many animals die of hunger too, people don’t love them enough to feed them, do they?

There are abundant cases of domestic violence and hate crimes against other human beings and animals as well, they aren’t a symbol of love.


This is all generated due to the lack of some crucial things in someone’s life, which turns into guilt, which further generates anger and abuse.

Those people who are successful, have a full stomach, have a roof on their heads and those that are not tensed by any debts/loans can only think of love as being the ultimate choice of their life.


Once a person lacks something necessary to survive, the only thing that courses through their head is how to become better rather than wasting their time in absurd shenanigans.


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