Matt Damon Revealed His On-Screen Kiss With Scarlett Johansson ‘Was Hell’


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Matt Damon shared his on-screen kiss with Scarlett Johansson was ‘Hell’. In his recent appearance in LADBible TV’s “Agree to Disagree” with Oppenheimer co-star Emily Blunt, the recalled the moment. While playing the segment the duo agreed that they should tell the person about their bad breath before kissing when Damon shared the incidents.

Matt Damon said Scarlett Johansson ate an onion before the kissing 

Matt Damon And Emily Blunt

The 52-year-old recalled the incidents, “I had to kiss Scarlett [Johansson] — had to kiss. Can you imagine how horrible that was for me? — but we did.” 

“It was hell, ok? What happened was we did a shot before lunch and it was like this nice little two-shot that ended in the kiss,” the actor said. “And it was really good. And we went to lunch and she and I both thought it was over. She ate like an onion sandwich for lunch. And she came in and [We Bought a Zoo director] Cameron Crowe had set the camera up and it was like a tight shot of the kiss. And she goes, ‘Oh s**t.’ She goes, ‘I literally just had I had like an onion sandwich. I thought we did this.'”

Although he joked about the “Black Widow” star’s breath he later clarified, “Her breath smells like roses.”

Damon and Blunt have been quite active in the media for promoting their new historical thriller Oppenheimer. The pair has been in touch with each other for a while as her husband, John Krasinski is a good friend of Damon.

Previously, Damon shared Krasinski’s reaction after he turned down James Cameron’s 2009 Avatar

“I told John Krasinski, we were writing this little movie a long time ago called Promised Land and we were in my kitchen and it was a Saturday morning and we were on a break and I tell him about Avatar, and he launches himself out of the chair,” Damon tells in a CNN interview with Chris Wallace. “He starts pacing the kitchen, he goes, ‘Nothing in your life would be different today if you had done that movie, except you and I would be having this conversation in space.'”

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