Meet Toronto’s Rising Star Mashawi Who is Ready To Take Over The Toronto Scene By Ablaze


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Transformation is a process, and as life progresses there are tons of challenges, you win some and you loose some. It’s a journey of discovery – there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair. But what really matters is your will, how you took this journey, you took it as a champion or as a failure. The grass will always not be green they will be moments when you think that everything is over but those moments in your journey are the most crucial one’s as they challenge you to get up and work towards your goal and your work is to keep working hard till you achieve it. In Today’s feature we will be talking about a hustler who through his music has changed one views life struggles and challenges. Born and Brought up in Toronto, Mashawi didn’t know for a long time that he wanted to do music. “I switched gears a lot of time, Says The Toronto Based Artist. Mashawi tried his hands in travel, education, family, and fashion before eventually realising the fact that he wanted to do music. After a lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance he finally released his first single- “Did it own my own” in August 2018. The Journey was not easy for him as well, as he quickly realised the fact that industry is cruel, they’ll not value art but the focus is more minting more money. Mashawi raises his voice through his songs that involve elements of deep storytelling through magic of vocabulary and rhymes. Since then Mashawi has released number of tracks that have already made a considerable impact on the Toronto Hip Hop scene and is continuously working on his upcoming projects. His tracks like “Sin City” and “Chocolate” are still loved by many and his debut album “Rise N Shine” gave him the headstart that he was looking for. Now with a considerable hold in the scene Mashawi is looking to release his upcoming projects in full swing. His upcoming release “Please Don’t call my Phone” is a roller coaster ride of emotions that’ll take you through a beautiful journey. The track is expected to release on April 1,2022 and to break the ice, let us tell you that he is coming with another album in May which is expected to break all the charts and eventually take Mashawi To The Top.


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