Nikhita Gandhi Shared Her Thoughts on Indian Music’s Global Recognition


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Singer Nikhita Gandhi who is best known for popular songs like “Raabta” and “Qaafirana”  shared her views on the global success of Indian Music. The singer, who has sung in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, and Kannada films, says that the Indian music industry is going through an interesting period. Noting the change the singer shared that Bollywood has already become a global phenomenon as well as if competition in the music is comparatively greater than in Bollywood. Let’s check out what she has revealed.

Nikhita said she thinks Indian music always had a place in the international scene

In an exclusive interaction with Zoom, the popular singer noted, “I think Indian music always had a place in the international scene, I don’t think I’ve gone to any party abroad which doesn’t have Mundiya Toh Bachke Rahi playing.”

However, according to the singer India is perhaps not confident when it comes to the international stage. As she put in, “I think we underestimate ourselves a lot with the need to exist internationally. A lot of international artists have used tabla and Indian elements to make their music cooler. So, we’re already there and I think it’s just getting bigger and bigger.”

Moreover, the singer also shared her thoughts on the competition in the music industry, Nikhita said, “It’s very hard to define competitiveness in music, because it’s an art form. You might make an amazing song and people still might not listen to it. So, it’s very subjective – the music that you release – so it becomes very hard to define competitiveness in that sense.”

“In fact, I feel Bollywood is more competitive because there’s a numbers sort of competition, you know, like, which film does bigger, which song of which film does bigger. So, in the non-film space, I think the art is a lot higher in the spectrum than the math behind it,” she continues.

Apart from singing Nikhita has also starred as the wildcard contestant in the recently concluded dance reality show Jhalak Dikhla Jaa. Moreover, she revealed that although the hectic experience was exciting and she ‘loved the dancing part’ of it.

Whether she’ll become a successful dancer or not she has already become the favourite singer of all with her mellifluous voice and incredible talent.

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