Nikhita Gandhi: Some audience members continue to believe that actors are the ones singing the songs in movies.


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There is no way to dispute that non-film music was pushed into the public with a newfound zeal during the epidemic, which resulted in the independent business discovering a new lease of life. Nikhita Gandhi, a vocalist, believes that the singing industry in India continues to operate in the shadow of Bollywood in many respects.

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In the last two years, the music business has seen some minor shifts after focusing mostly on the film sector. But I don’t believe it has entirely distanced itself from the company,” says Gandhi, adding, “A significant audience is still highly filmed reliant. ” There is still a substantial section of our audience that is under the impression that the actor is doing the vocals for the songs in the movies.

After the epidemic and the shutdown, Nikhita Gandhi  remarks that one cannot ignore the shifting tones of the music business, and he adds that this fact is unavoidable.

“Although significant progress is yet to be made, there have been some incredibly innovative and ground-breaking shifts in the music. However, there is still a significant distance to go. However, I can’t help but be relieved that things have begun to improve since this particularly challenging era for creative people. We were truly atmanirbhar,” the singer argues, who just came out with a folk-pop fusion tune, Dil Ka Kabootar, in cooperation with Mame Khan as a part of Pritam’s Jamroom. Pritam and Mame Khan wrote the song.

Gandhi continues by explaining, “It is a terrific moment to be a musician in the country, for instance, all the interesting foreign collaborations which are occurring, which is a great time to be a musician in the country.” In the last several years, many doors we had previously been denied access to have been available again. And the fact that I am a part of it makes it cooler.

Speaking openly about the music scene’s development, she believes that the sector is now in a zone that is both uncertain and thrilling.

“Since the introduction of OTT, many things have been shifting quickly, and cinema is no longer the focal point of everything in the way it traditionally has been. Because of this, India’s musical culture has lacked some maternal guidance at times. Gandhi thinks it is spawning an entirely new movement, which afterwards produces a new kind of music in India.


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