North Korea says it test-fired a new anti-aircraft missile


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On Thursday, North Korea said that it test-fired a new anti-aircraft missile, becoming its fourth weapons test in a month.

Recently the country launched a new hypersonic missile which is believed to have nuclear capabilities and after that came the latest test.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the tests “create greater prospects for instability and insecurity”.

According to Pyongyang its weapons are required for self-defence and further accused the US and South Korea of “double standards”.

However, the new tests show that Pyongyang has no intentions of slowing down its weapons development in spite of strict permissions.

KCNA, the state news outlet said the new anti-aircraft missile showed “remarkable combat performance” and also included “new key technologies”.

The test happened a day after Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader protracted a conditional peace offering towards the South. He also said that he wanted to re-establish a vital communication hotline between them.

The North Korean leader also accused the US of “touting ‘diplomatic engagement’… but it is no more than a petty trick for deceiving the international community and hiding its hostile acts”.

In addition to this, some analysts also believe that is an indication that Pyongyang wants to separate Washington and Seoul by following communication with South Korea but cutting off the US.

But North Korea may be counting on Seoul to push the US for approvals relief and other concerns.

Furthermore, North Korea has spent more than a year in seclusion. It detached itself from China – its greatest ally in terms of trade during the pandemic.

Also, its economy is thought to be in a terrible state with food shortages a real concern.

In March, the country confronted consents and tested airborne missiles, which caused strong admonitions from the US, Japan and South Korea.

And last month the UN atomic agency said North Korea appeared to have restarted a reactor that could produce plutonium for nuclear weapons, calling it a “deeply troubling” development.



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