Penélope Cruz Opens Up About Her Family Life With Javier Bardem and Their Two Kids


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Penélope Cruz shares insight about her family life with Javier Bardem and their two kids Luna, 10, and Leo,12. In the latest issue of Elle, the actress also revealed the reason for keeping her children away from the spotlight. Keep reading to learn the reason behind it.

Penélope said could talk about that when they’re ready

Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem (Google)

The 49-year-old told the outlet, “It’s for them to decide if they are going to have a job that is more exposed to the public or not. They can talk about that when they’re ready.”

“It’s so easy to be manipulated, especially if you have a brain that is still forming,” she added. “And who pays the price? Not us, not our generation, who, maybe at 25, learned how a BlackBerry worked. It’s a cruel experiment on children, on teenagers.”

However, Luna and Leo aren’t totally out of the entertainment life since at home they do a lot of impressions.

“He sings and he’s a great dancer,” she explained. “And he does this amazing impression of Mick Jagger. He’ll imitate Al Pacino and [Robert] De Niro talking to each other. It’s incredible.”

Moreover, the actress also revealed how her longtime collaborator and director, Pedro Almodóvar, also sees a mother in her.

“Pedro always saw me as a mother,” Cruz says. “I think so. We have known each other since I was 17. He would watch me going to talk to strangers just to see their babies. He always saw that strong, inevitable instinct in me, and I saw him see it. But also, ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted kids. But I knew I wanted them older. I wanted to wait until I felt I was ready. I was sure it would be the most important thing I would do in my life.”

On top of that, she added, “At my age, 80 per cent of the characters that I play will be about motherhood or divorce or abandonment or characters who didn’t want to have children or couldn’t or who lost children. I’ve played mothers since I was very young.”

Prior to this month the actress who is all set to enter a new decade of her life revealed what she is looking forward to in her 50s. “I’m really looking at it as the beginning of the second part of my life,” she shared.

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