Prince Harry Reveals He Got ‘in Trouble’ at the Beginning of The Relationship With Meghan Markle


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Prince Harry reveals he got ‘in Trouble’ at the beginning of the Relationship with Meghan Markle. The royal has been in a lot of limelight for his bombshell documentary and memoir “Sphare”.  On his recent appearance on Tuesday’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert the Duke of Sussex unveiled a lot of facts about his relationship with his wife Meghan. His trouble was due to the language discrepancies between British and America.

Prince Harry said the cultural differences with his wife Meghan caused trouble in the beginning 

During the Colbert Questionnaire on the show, the 38-year-old said, “Meg said something I took the wrong way. It was partly a cultural difference, partly a language barrier, but I was also just over-sensitive that night. I thought: Why’s she having a go at me? I snapped at her, spoke to her harshly — cruelly. As the words left my mouth, I could feel everything in the room come to a stop.”

The Prince added, “She was calm, but said in a quiet, level tone that she would never stand for being spoken to like that,” he continues, noting that the exchange led to him seeking therapy.”

Although the couple has cultural differences they are happily married since 2018. Moreover, Meghan,41, is also the mother of his two kids Son Archie Harrison and Daughter Lilibet Diana.”

Later on, Harry teased the host Colbert about his own wife, Evie. Colbert asked the Duke, “I can’t possibly have more love in my life. Have you met my wife?” In response, he joked, “Yes, we met earlier. I have dinner plans with your wife, actually.”

Moreover, Colbert joked about his wife’s love for the British Royal family. As he said, “Nothing would make her happier.”

“I’m reading this book going, ‘Get ’em, Harry!'” he said about his book Sphare.

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