Pro baller and entrepreneur Eugene Campbell III gives his three best tips to the youth of the nation:


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Born and brought up in New Jersey, Eugene Campbell III is a pro basketball player playing internationally as a part of the Tunisia Pro A league Union Sportive El Ansar. However, he wasn’t always capable of holding such high ranks. Indeed, Eugene Campbell has fought his way to the top, facing rejection such as being cut from his high school team and even facing a lack of opportunities to play basketball till he joined New Jersey City University for a master’s in psychology. 

Eugene Campbell III is also helping the community through his philanthropic enterprise Walkamilenourshoes an initiative also backed by the Apple community that Eugene Campbell III was a part of in college. Since 2021, Walkamilenourshoes has taken up certification as a 501c3 enterprise. With this step already managed, Eugene Campbell III has been able to create a positive impact for neighbourhoods in New Brunswick, Plainfield, Jersey City, East Orange, Rahway, Paterson, Hoboken and more.

With quite many years of first-hand experience under his belt, one can trust Eugene Campbell to give advice that makes a difference. So here are Eugene Campbell’s top tips for those who want to follow in his footsteps but are lacking the know-how to. 

  1. It doesn’t matter how many tries it takes- “Being an athlete who also made their breakthrough during their late 20s, I can definitely relate to those who face discrimination based on their age. However, how good you are at your game is not directly dependent upon your age, but rather, your experience. As long as you can survive in the industry and have the know-how to surpass any challenges that arise, keep trying and you’ll get where you want to be.”, Eugene Campbell adds. 
  2. Never stop putting in an effort- Being a businessman means manipulating the terms of the market to your favour and this is more often than not, a continuous process. Eugene Campbell encourages young entrepreneurs to write down their motive for the day “While there may be several ups and downs, always think about how far you’ve come and what each step means for you and those who will benefit from your venture. Don’t lose patience and more importantly, don’t stop working hard even when you’ve achieved the goals you’ve set. Constant effort means constant progress.”
  3. Shoot your shot, always- “In my experience, I’ve noticed that it is the first step that is always the hardest, irrespective of what task you have at hand. Whether it be a lack of funding, a need for higher talent or educational qualifications, or an absence of courage and emotional support, reaching that initial level can be difficult. However, don’t let such hardships stand in your way to success. Whatever the competition, always make sure you’ve put your best foot forward. Always shoot your shot.”

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