Rising to the top of the music industry is an astute singer and music artist, Milad Murt.


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Striking the right chord in the hearts of audiences with his innate talent and singing is Milad Murt.

The entertainment and music industry over the years have gone and experienced great level of dynamic transformation and positive changes. New singers, composers, song writers, producers and many more have established themselves and have created mesmerizing music for all the listeners. With an urge and need to compose and create different and unique music, it has become an mandate and imperative for the next gen music professional to woo the current era of listener by delivering desired result for the audiences. With different music genres picking up tremendous momentum among masses, the music industry has become an ultra-competitive field. To rise among such competition and yet create a different niche among the rest is an daunting task but for an emerging music artist and singer like Milad Murt it is only about following passion and chasing his dreams.

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Being naturally drawn towards the world of music, Milad Murt knew that the music realm is the ultimate destination for him and would seek it as an full-time career and profession. Working diligently hard to hone his overall skills and expertise, Milad hustle hard to cement his place in the hearts of audiences. His work has propelled him in many way to create an loyal fan base of followers which can easily be seen through his social media accounts. Learning the art and craft of music making and singing, the road to success wasn’t that rosy for him. Developing his musical skills and expertise and working on his panache, Milad went through the grind and hustle hard to become an true-blue music professional. 

Some of his songs that has created massive buzz are Sensual, Uh Oh, Thug, At it again, Bounce in, for dat paper, and many more. Milad is working on many more exciting projects which are due to release soon. Stay Tuned! 


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