Simple Home Remedies for Glowing Skin


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Nowadays everybody craves soft, smoother and of course blemish-free glowing skin.

But with our hectic schedules and pollution achieving flawless skin seems to be an impossible task.

Although there is a wide variety of skin and beauty care products available in the market, still nothing beats the goodness of natural products.

Here are some home remedies that are easy to implement and handy – 


Turmeric contains anti-bacterial properties and is a powerful antioxidant that will give your skin a wonderful glow.

It has curcumin which is an anti-inflammatory agent and helps to get rid of puffiness.

  • How to use it 

Add a cup of gram flour with half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it.

Then add a little bit of milk/water to make a smooth paste. Now, add a few drops of rose water and mix again.

Apply the mixture on your face, leave it for a bit and rinse.


Honey acts as a moisturizer and helps to keep the skin hydrated. It reduces blemishes and acne and ensures spotless skin.

  • How to use it

Apply honey directly on your skin – if you want. Just ensure that the area is clean and damp.

Massage for some time and wash it off.

Olive Oil

It helps in preventing early ageing of the skin. Applying it to your skin after sun exposure can fight cancer-causing cells.

It’s not only great for the skin but also gives it a nice shiny glow.

  • How to use it

Apply a few drops of olive oil every night before sleeping. Massage in an upward direction for about 2 minutes.

Now, place a damp towel on your skin for some time and wash off the excess oil.

Then with the help of a clean towel dry off your skin.

Orange Juice

Orange juice contains Vitamin C that helps in detoxification. It will help clean the complexion and rejuvenate the skin in no time. 

Drinking orange juice everyday will help you get glowing skin within a month.

  • How to use it

Try drinking orange juice every morning as a habit. Also, add a pinch of salt and black pepper to this juice.

You can also take a few pieces of orange peel and grind it with a few drops of rose water to make a smooth paste. Apply it all over your face and rinse after 15 minutes.


Cucumber has the same pH level as that of our skin. It helps in replacing the skin’s protective layer and keeps the skin hydrated. Thus, you can achieve glowing skin.

  • How to use it

You can either put cucumber slices on your eyes as shown in TV commercials or you can grind it and apply the juice.



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