Singer Ritviz looked back at his musical journey 


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Indian singer Ritviz who is best known for his songs ‘Liggi’, ‘Udd Gaye’, and ‘Sage’ looked back at his musical journey. Achieving success within a short period of time the singer admitted to being lucky to have a journey he has. In an interview with Indian Express the singer despite having a hit first album noted that he still can’t describe the unique compositions he has produced over the years, apart from that he also talked about the importance of live performances and what is working in front of 2024. Let’s check out the complete details of this story.

Ritviz said describing his compositions is the hardest thing to ever answer

The singer said of his journey, “My journey feels surreal. It feels unreal to look back at everything that has happened and how things fell into place. I am extremely grateful to the people who have enabled this journey, and the support that the audience showed to the music. This is my evolution as a human, and all of the music that we’re hearing is a reflection of that. I’m thankful that the people have enjoyed the journey and I hope they continue to do so.”

Moreover, while he was asked to share his views on being an independent musician in India he noted that he believes the conflicts come across as more internal than external.

Ritviz said, “I count myself very lucky to have had the journey I have had because the challenge usually begins at home. I am blessed to have such supportive parents and the trust and faith that they reposed in me to pursue and express freely without worrying about anything– so that my musician self could be itself. Once these challenges were taken care of, the sky was the limit. However, I want to mention that since most independent musicians have no labels backing them, it’s a very tough journey. But I feel my challenges are more internal (within the music and how I deal with them).”

As for the importance of live concerts, he considered it very important as “independent artists often lack label backing. This makes live performances a significant revenue source. Even if their music gains popularity, streaming alone might not be enough as a primary revenue source. Furthermore, live concerts offer discoverability, although this factor has become secondary with the advent of the internet.”

His music style is something which he finds quite different to explain. “This is the hardest thing to answer. While it’s reached a point with the popularity, still I never really know what box to put it in. However, considering where it is right now, Indian pop is my best bet. I always like to jump out of boxes that way, and the fact that there is no identity (genre) yet keeps me excited about the mystery that my music can be,” he shared.

However, the singer hasn’t unveiled a lot about her forthcoming works besides revealing his sophomore album is in the works.

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