Sleeping Habits-What’s The Better Way to Sleep?


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People exclaim all the time about how they didn’t get proper sleep or they are sleep deprived. Also, how they feel very tired even after sleeping properly for 8 hours or oversleeping.


But how can someone sleep peacefully and wake up with a satisfactory rest and feel great after sleeping?

Researches claim that sleeping time is very essential for our body. It rejuvenates the mind and ensures proper resting of the voluntary muscles for the next day’s hustle. During the sleep-cycle, our brain works continuously to clean up the memories of the day.

It keeps the ones that seem essential and removes those that seem blurry/ unrequired. That is also the reason why we need to revise our concepts of learning, again and again, to remember them forever. Your heart also keeps functioning while your sleeping, having a steady heartbeat relaxing the whole body.

Your stomach digests the food consumed during the nighttime and prepares for the morning meal or sometimes midnight snack. Excess glucose is converted into glycogen and stored. Excess fat is stored in the adipose cells for consumption when required.

In short, all your body organs and tissues have a specifically assigned task of revival and preparation during the time you’re not working/ enjoying/ studying/ exercising, etc. Therefore, taking a proper goodnight sleep is very essential for our body.

The sleep-cycle is divided into NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement) and REM (Rapid Eye Movement). The NREM consists of 3 stages: Awake, Light, and Deep. Studies have shown that each cycle lasts for about 90 minutes. Now if you get up between these 90 minutes you feel tired and not well-rested.

So here is the trick, calculate your sleeping hours into the blocks of 90 minutes. 90+90+90+90= 6 hours of sleep. Another schedule could be 7.5 hours of sleep. One other schedule could also be 9 hours.


Now if you get up after the completion of the sleep cycle, you feel well-rested. But if you get up in the middle of a cycle, you feel tired/ unrested.


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