Social Media- A List Of Bad Effects!


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In today’s world, almost 40% of the world population is available on social media. On average a normal individual spends around 4-6 hours on social media each day. All thanks to the lockdown and pandemic, this time has elevated exponentially in recent days. And it’s expected because the only source of human interaction has become possible through online web-based media. We can interact with people from different countries and cultural backgrounds on social media; post about whatever we like and our works and arts, etc. many people use it to publicize their talents and beauty and fashion, etc.

But like with everything, social media also has many downfalls. No matter, how close this online media brings us, it still could leave many dangerous impacts on young and naive minds. The regular exploitation of your mental health, eyes, online hatred, etc. everything puts you and your mental health at a constant stake.

Here is a list of side effects that social media puts you through:

Social media

Enhanced Stress levels:

Researches have confirmed that these social media interactions elicit more pressure than it soothes. The constant pressure to look good and post good pictures, to be the best is very degrading for our minds. Sometimes, whatever people post on their social media handles is very much different from their real life. To maintain that social life constantly, a person has to go through immense stress every day.

Social Disengagement:

Studies show, that the people who tend to use more and more of these online applications for making a connection with other people tend to be more socially disengaged in the real world. The more we utilize web-based media, the less glad we appear to be.


After spending hours and hours scrolling down on social media, many people tend to feel lonelier, uglier, more unhappy, and sad. This is because there is a constant exaggeration of whatever people post on their media handles. This brings in self-comparison in someone who isn’t at the time, capable of being happy, beautiful, or accompanied. In a way, it increases their sorrows.  People tend to get more envious and jealous. This sparks hatred and sometimes depression and other mental health disorders.

Eye problems:

Spending so much time looking into a tiny screen, reading comments, replying to other comments, posting stories and feeds, etc., etc. could be very much helpful in giving you numerous eye diseases.


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