The Local Train Revealed to Working With Lucky Ali For Do Aur Do Pyaar Song ‘Tu Hai Kahaan’


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The Local Train is back with their new collaboration with Lucky Ali for the romantic comedy film Do Aur Do Pyaar’s Song ‘Tu Hai Kahaan.’This is also marked as The Local Train’s release since their 2018 album Vaaqif. The band consisting of guitarist-lyricist Paras Thakur, bassist Ramit Mehra, and drummer Sahil Sarin also makes this song their first-ever film song. Meanwhile, singer Lucky Ali is popular for his unique earthy vocals also making a comeback to Bollywood after a span of nine long years. Ali’s last song was ‘Safarnama’ for the film Tamasha in 2015 which gained immense popularity. In a recent interview with News18 Showsha bandmates Ramit Mehta and Paras Thakur shared their experience of collaboration with the singer. Let’s check out the complete details of this story.

Ramit Mehta and Paras Thakur opened up their collaboration with Lucky

Paras said of the song, “It is like a multi-layered thought. But it came from the movie. It came from the brief and the scene that we watched. It was to serve that emotion. It is about asking questions to yourself and your loved one. It is nostalgic and bittersweet. And we tried our best to fit in the right way, using our own voice.”

Moreover, He continued, “It was a wonderful, pleasant experience for all of us. Writing ideas and finding the right fit was like a new learning since this was something that we haven’t pursued before. Then the search for the perfect voice began. And no one is better than Mr Lucky Ali to exude the nostalgia and bittersweet feeling through his voice. And him loving the song and jumping on it as well was a very wonderful thing for us.”

As for Paras he shared, “We’re very happy that this is happening. There’s a lot more comfort now with the independent artists being approached by production houses for films, for tv shows, for other projects. And I think they’re also seeing that because of the Internet, the independent artists have their own character, and have their own vibe. Earlier, the biggest issue was there were extremely talented people, but they were not getting the apt exposure.”

He continues, “So as long as the artist is given the right support, and being given that artistic freedom to pursue something that he believes in, then something authentic and something wonderful can come out of it. A lot of people do feel, due to this association, sometimes artists are pushed to do some things that they might not want to do. There’s a lot of potential in this country. As long as people know how to maximize the artist’s potential and energy, it’ll be good.”

Needless to say, their fans are as excited as they are for the song.

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