Tom Felton Shares Which Scene He Wishes Show in Harry Potter


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Tom Felton opened up the scene he wanted to show in Harry Potter. Felton looks back at his time playing Draco Malfoy across the eight Harry Potter films where there are deleted scenes between him and his onscreen father Lucius Malfoy (Jason Isaacs) that he wishes to remade for the final cut of The Chamber of Secrets. Let’s check out the complete details of this story.

Tom Felton looks back at her scene with Jason Isaacs

In an exclusive interview with E! News in he shared, “I think the films were perfect in their own way. And they know a lot more about it than I do, I was only 13. But there’s a scene with me—and it’s actually the first time I’ve worked with ‘Dad’—at Borgin and Burkes. I think it’s on one of the DVDs as a deleted scene.”

As for the scene in question which can be viewed online or on extended versions of the film shows Draco scout the dark magic shop just before Lucius reminds that in this quintessential drawl, of his instructions to, “Touch nothing.”

“If I could go back and redo things,” he added, “obviously there are things that I look back at myself as an 11-year-old and cringe and go, ‘What are you doing?’ But other than that, I think they told the stories perfectly.”

Moreover, the huge gain to that perfect storytelling was the duo of Jason and Tom as the Malfoy family was accompanied by Helen McCroy who played Narcissa Malfoy.

“I still call him dad, Jason Isaacs,” Tom shared. “Jason’s been a dear friend and mentor he’s a terrible father onscreen, but a wonderful best friend to have offscreen.”

Later on, the duo also reunited in in London as Tom shared their pictures in Instagram which he captioned, “Father & son.”

“We’re all best friends and also family,” the actor explained about his bond with Jason . “Family in our own weird way, but we’re not often afforded the luxury of being in the same place. And I can speak on behalf of all the cast and crew that we know that the fans are the ones are the reason that we’re the reason that we’re here.”

He added, “So I never take that for granted, or forget that without all the love and support of the Potter fandom that none of none of us would have had the chance to have been a part of it for as long as we did. So I’m very grateful.”

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