Ukrainian Couple Splits Up After 123 days


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The Ukrainian couple split up following 123 days cuffed together, shedding their bonds on public television and saying the trial had gotten back awkward realities.

Following 123 days cuffed together to save their hit or miss relationship, Ukrainians Alexandr Kudlay and Viktoria Pustovitova have separated, shedding their securities on public television and saying the test had gotten back awkward realities.

The youthful couple from the eastern city of Kharkiv chose to cuff themselves together on Valentine’s Day, in a final desperate effort to split the pattern of separating and making up.

All through the test, which they recorded to a developing web-based media following, they did everything together, from shopping for food to cigarette breaks. They alternated to utilize the washroom and clean up.

Pustovitova, who at first opposed the cuff thought, shed tears as she talked about the most recent separation.

Burnt out on incidental separations, Alexandr Kudlay 33 and Viktoria Pustovitova, 28 chose to cuff themselves to one another on Valentine’s Day.

“I figure it’s anything but a decent exercise for us, for other Ukrainian couples and couples abroad not to rehash what we have done,” she told Reuters in a meeting in Kyiv.

Pustovitova said individual space is the thing that she missed most, even though she additionally felt her beau didn’t give her enough consideration while they were tied together.

Kudlay said he didn’t lament depending on frantic measures to save the relationship, adding that the sleeves assisted him with the understanding that the two were not “similar individuals”.

“We are not on a similar frequency, we are entirely unexpected,” the 33-year-old vehicle sales rep said.

The couple intends to sell the binds in an online sale and give part of the cash to a good cause.

They had the bonds taken out before Ukrainian television news stations and a delegate from a Ukrainian record book, who said no couple on the planet had dealt with a comparative accomplishment.


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