Untouched places on Earth that you might never see


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Sometimes it might seem like the world is a smaller place and we can have access to almost every corner of it to visit.

Nevertheless, there are still some oddly pristine and distant places that are yet to be discovered – Earth’s most unspoiled and untouched spots.

Here are some of the last unspoiled wonders of the world!

Hang Sơn Đoòng, Vietnam

It was first discovered in 1990 and is one of the largest natural caves in the world. Officially explored in 2009, the cave was formed because of the Rao Thuong River that flows through the caves.

Apart from that, the thing that makes the visit all the more exciting is the stalagmites – formed from the water dripping from the ceiling.

The passage here is more than 1.8 m long and ceilings can reach up to 200 m. It could even fit a New York skyscraper.


Rock Island, Palau

These 445 uninhabited limestone islands were formed due to volcanic eruptions and are displayed in beautiful mushroom-like shapes.

Surrounded by coral beef and perch atop turquoise lagoons the place is home to a massive diversity of flora and fauna as well as a dozen of shark species.

Rock island

Fiordland, New Zealand

The place is dominated by snowy mountains, deep lakes and waterfalls but still has no sign of permanent population, thus keeping it virtually untouched.

Only the Maori people visit this part of the country to hunt, fish and collect the precious jadestone. It is the largest national park in the country and among the largest parks in the world.



The best-unspoiled destination so far – Antarctica, is not only brutal but also consists of a desolate landscape that one should see in a lifetime.

There are various other reasons to visit Antarctica like – to admire the humble and majestic icebergs, sea lions and absolute silence.


Nunavut, Canada

Among Nunavut’s most marvellous wonders in Auyuittuq National Park, which also means ‘the land that never melts.’

Here you can see numerous glaciers, deep valleys, and pointed peaks, while hikers can go across the Arctic Circle, and cross the 60m Akshayuk Pass in the summer.

Along with this, it features mountains and fjords, lakes and rivers, as well as three other regions in the territory, which vaunts diverse landscapes.



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