What is ‘Festa’? Why are BTS fans celebrating?


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Every year the Korean Pop group celebrates their birthday with a bang. The band marks the anniversary of their debut, 2 Cool 4 Skool, with “BTS Festa”. This is a two-week event full of surprises for fans.

BTS has recreated some of their iconic pictures as they begin celebrations.

For 2021, the event would include new videos, live performances and an online fan meet-up.

The two-week-long event commenced on 2 June, with the release of over two dozen group photos. These pictures are known as “family portraits”.

These refabricated pictures showed the boy band re-staging their classic poses from the past. The only difference is the changed background and the outfits, which are more colourful than the last time.

The celebration comes as the band’s latest single ‘Butter’ – a dynamic, Michael Jackson-inspired earworm – breaks records across the globe.

Butter’s music video was the biggest premiere in YouTube history, with over 3.9 million concurrent viewers on 21 May.


And after the song was dropped on Spotify, it was played over 11,042,335 times in one day. Thus, beating Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber’s I Don’t Care by 64,964 streams.

All about ‘Festa’

‘Festa’ is set to continue until 14 June. A live-stream concert and a fan event will also be held. This is called a “Muster”.

Another event which will include new choreography would take place on 4 June, BTS Room Live on 11 June.

Moreover, there is an event called ‘Bicycle’ which still a mystery. It will be held on 7 June.

Fans have ventured that the last event will be a new single. It can even be a cover of Queen’s Bicycle Race.

 BTS seemingly discussed their love of the British rock band in a recent interview, with Jin saying: “Queen, please calls us.”

Anniversary festivals are comparatively common for K-pop acts. But it is their way of thanking their fans by introducing a new video or special photos. 

The full line-up of events was posted online.



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