Winter Skin Care Tips for Flawless Skin


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The Winter season brings relief after all that summer heat and tan. But along with relief it also brings many skin problems as the cold winter air is not good for your skin, making it dry and flaky.

Therefore, a proper skincare routine especially for winters is a must. By doing the right things, you can also enhance your overall skin health besides making heads turn.

Here are some beauty tips that will help you get through the cold and harsh winter season.

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliating is the key here. The Winter season may seem beautiful but it makes the skin dry, which can only be fixed with the help of exfoliating.

Doing this twice a week will keep your skin healthy. It also brings back your natural glow by increasing cellular rejuvenation and eliminating dead skin cells.

Moreover, this will improve your overall skin health by constantly hydrating it and increasing the absorption of moisturizers and serums.

Always moisturize

Due to the rising pollutants in the air, the damage it causes to our skin is also pretty alarming. These pollutants can make our skin dry and flaky.

Hence, moisturizing regularly should be a prominent step in your skincare routine as it will keep your skin hydrated and smooth. Be aware of the moisturizers that contain alcohol instead go for a natural facial oil to keep your skin looking healthy.

Sunscreen is mandatory

Sunscreen should be a mandatory step in your skincare routine, even though summers are long gone. This is because we are still prone to the sun’s harmful UV rays every day.

Using sunscreen or a natural moisturizer that includes SPF is very important. Try to use a minimum of SPF 15 for the sunscreen to be effective.

Cleansing brush

Give yourself a home spa treatment in your very home with the help of a facial cleansing brush once every week. These brushes are easy to use and remove excess dirt and makeup without much force.

Cleansing brushes are available in every makeup and skincare store and come in handy to treat and prevent acne.

Drink water

A healthy diet not only include consuming healthy food but also drinking lots of water. Lack of water can lead to dehydration which can leave your skin looking dry and flaky.

Hence, it is important to drink at least 8 glasses (250 ml) of water every day as a part of your winter skincare routine. Try to avoid too much alcohol and sugary drinks as these can exacerbate the skin and cause breakouts.  



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