Aishnoor Kaur—- India’s youngest 8-year-old Gymnastic girl.


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When you were eight years old, you might have hardly any idea about what’s going on around you because playtime is the most favorable time for a six-year-old kid. But you’ll be amazed to know that Aishnoor Kaur, a 8-year-old gem is setting the benchmark by elucidating her skills in Gymnastics. She is popularly known as the youngest Gymnastic Girl of India.

Gymnastics can be traced to exercise in ancient Greece- in Sparta and Athens. Philostratuswork Gymnastics documented that exercise for that time. Gymnastics is a sport that includes physical activities requiring balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance. The movements involved in gymnastics contribute to the development of the arms, legs, shoulders, back, chest, and abdominal muscle groups.

The most common form of competitive gymnastics is artistic gymnastics, which consists of the events floor, vault, uneven bars, and beam. Before knowing about the chore, let’s comprehend the problematic task that this kid is carrying passionately in such a proficient way. She has signified as one of the leading and youngest talents of gymnastics.

Being only eight years old and elucidating her talent in such a niche which is admirable and most noteworthy. She is presenting a perfect epitome for all those who afraid to take actions that are necessary to initiate something worthy. Her age isn’t stopping to achieve her success, and no doubt it’s just the start for something fresh she has to go a long way. Gymnastics cover a range of activities which,’ include:- the stunts ‘ the tumbling/agilities activities on ropes activities on beams compensatory.

Talking about the benefits of Gymnastics then

Participating in gymnastics from a younger age is essential. It targets all muscle groups for total-body strength and flexibility. Plus, it fights a bunch of metabolic and immune disorders by lowering blood pressure and releasing antioxidant enzymes within the body.

Such positive effects can also impact attention and communication. The study showed that gymnasts performing more sophisticated training and trampoline exercises showed a higher percentage of motor learning skills than those who played basic moves. Increasing coordination and balance can help enhance body awareness and movement. If you practice gymnastics for long, you will be able to use different parts of your body in versatile ways. Not to mention, it improves overall body control and stability.

Another impressive benefit of gymnastics is improved confidence and judgment. Being an excellent judge of your performance skills is a unique way to train harder and build muscle. This trait also makes you less nervous around other people’s criticism and judgment.

Many youngsters and elders are participating in this sport to build muscular strength and flexibility. An important aspect of gymnastics is healthy sleeping and eating habits. If you do this, you feed your body enough nutrients to stay energetic. Since gymnastics is a challenging sport, treating the mind and body is critical for an excellent performance. Well, we wish the young gem all the best for future opportunities.


You can follow her on Instagram @igracekaur .


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