Manish Ambawttaa – one of the profound sketch artists of India


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Manish Ambawttaa is a thriving Indian Artist who specialises in sketching. His prominent works include sketches of famous Bollywood Celebrities such as Shahrukh Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Puru Chibber, Sharad Kelkar, Shruti Vyas, Rahul Roy, NamitDas, Atul Kishan and many more. If you think sketching is an easy job, you need to think twice. The art form requires a lot of intricate details and patience. You need to depict everything ranging from places, humans and other things exactly as it is with the help of amenities like charcoal, pencils, pastels, etcetera. Thus, the profession of being a sketch artist is very difficult. It requires a lot of time and hard work. Manish Ambawttaa has proved himself as a first-class Indian sketch artist through his exceptional artwork.

Manish was born on 23rd September 1992 in Jonapur which is located in New Delhi. Since childhood, he had a hobby of making art. This is how he realised that his dream was to become an artist. He considers his communication with the network of Indian Celebrities through his artwork to be his biggest achievement in life. On being asked about the celebrity he admired the most, Manish claimed it to be Emraan Hashmi. He has struggled for seven years before reaching this level of recognition and stability. Thus, besides hard work and talent, you also need to have patience in order to be successful. Currently, the 27-year-old Artist is continuing to pave his way upward in the art industry.

On being asked about his dream, he said that he would love to become someone’s idol or inspiration someday. Generally, people assume that sketching is the initial stage of completed artwork or design. However, sometimes artists just sketch and that itself is the initial and final stage of work. The manner in which he depicts people and objects in his sketches and drawings is admired by many because it projects his intense passion and love for the artwork. He loves doing what he does, which is why his sketches are even more beautiful. It is a completely freehand artwork style which is definitely not a piece of cake.

Manish said that throughout his journey, his family has been his biggest source of strength. His work has brought a smile to the faces of millions, including himself, his near and dear ones, the people


whose portraits he sketches and finally, the general audience. Hopefully, Manish Ambawttaa will be able to create a lot more beautiful sketches and keep entertaining people for several more years.


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