Arslan Aslam, a musician, received the Esaad Privilege Card


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Hard work is very important to achieve success. Without it, one can never make their dreams come true. Secondly, we should always believe in ourselves. One such artist who never gave up on his dreams is Arslan Aslam. Arslan Aslam is a man of many talents. He is a singer, a social media influencer, and a model. Born in Pakistan, he started his career in music in 2009. Since then, Aslam has never looked back. He started out by venturing into the music industry and has delivered several hit tracks. Arslan truly believes that music has the capability to bring people of different cultures together. It is a universal source of energy that connects people with each other. Since his childhood, Arslan was passionate about music. Never once did he give up on his dreams and today, he is a talented musician loved by many.

Through his music, Arslan Aslam wants to define himself and express his feelings. He always tries to show the audience his true self. While producing a track, Aslam always tries to incorporate several genres and show different sides. For example, his mellow and soft voice perfectly blends with electronic dance beats. One of his songs titled Main Shrabi Tu Shrabi showcases his versatility as a musician. Another song of his called Dil De Nairay shows a completely different side of him. Aslam usually uploads his music videos on DailyMotion and always posts on TikTok. 

Recently, Arslan Aslam received Esaad Privilege Card on July 20. The Esaad Card was established in 2017 by Dubai Police to offer holders discounts in shops, education, health, housing, restaurants, theme parks, hotels, and more. Currently, Aslam has 1.9 million followers on Instagram. His social media following has helped him venture into other industries and show his talents. In addition to being a musician, he is also an actor and a model. He has been a part of several music videos. Arslan never gave up on his dreams and always believed in himself. Today, he is a successful artist working in the entertainment industry.

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