Christina Applegate Revealed of Battling 30 Lesion Amid Her Painful MS Journey


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Christina Applegate shared an insight on her battle with MS aka multiple sclerosis. On the March 25 episode of Armchair Expert the actress called this disease the worst thing that has ever happened to her in her entire life. Moreover, she detailed her daily struggles with the disease with which she has been diagnosed in 2021. Needless to say, the Dead to Me star has been struggling a lot physically. Let’s check out the entire details of this story.

Christina Applegate said MS is the worst thing that’s happened to her in her entire life

The 52-year-old told co-hosts Dax Shepard and Monica Padman, “This is the worst thing that’s happened to me in my entire life.”

The actress is in constant pain for the disease as she shared,”I have 30 lesions on my brain. My biggest one is behind my right eye, so my right eye hurts a lot.”

The Samantha Who? actress also revealed that sometimes “my hand starts to go weird and then I’ll get a seizure-y feeling sometimes in my brain.”

“It sucks,” Applegate continued. “I hate it so much. I’m so mad about it.” 

However, there is a  reason she is so outspoken about her MS journey as at the time of her breast cancer diagnosis the actress admitted to “lying my a– off” about the struggle she was going through at that time.

“Everything I was saying was a freaking lie,” she said at the podcast. “It was me trying to convince myself of something, and I think that did no service to anyone.”

Although she acknowledged about helping raise “millions of dollars” for breast cancer prevention, she explained that she was really “crying every night “at home during her treatments. She has to undergo a double mastectomy after her cancer diagnosi. 

“I wish that I had said that,” Applegate noted. “I didn’t like my boobies. I still don’t like my boobies. It’s horrible.”

Despite these horrific experiences she thrives to put her struggles aside which is the reason behind cracking jokes during her 2023 Emmys appearance in January. As she puts in, “I make these jokes because if I don’t, I’ll suffocate,” she explained. “I’m not ready for the healing yet.”

We hope she will recover soon!

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