Kristen Stewart and Her Fiancée Dylan Meyer Froze Their Eggs Ahead of Wedding


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Kristen Stewart is ready to go forward with her life. The actress who is engaged to Dylan Meyer wants to keep the possibility of having kids in future. Stewart in her recent appearance on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast shared her plans for making a family. Moreover, Meyer and Stewart who have been engaged since 2021 want to take it slow about their wedding. Let’s delve into the complete details of this story.

Kristen Stewart detailed about her family planning 

The 33-year-old said in the podcast about her possible family planning, “We’ve done really annoying things like freeze our eggs and stuff. So if we want to, we can.”

Later on, talking about the big day the Spencer star revealed that she and her fiancée Dylan Meyer aren’t in a rush and want to take things slow. As the actress puts in, “We’re both, like, really casual people, and so we did this sweeping, tradition thing where we were like, ‘Marry me! You marry me!’ And then we just never planned a wedding because we were like, ‘We kind of did it.’ But we’ll do it. I think we have a very loose plan, which is appropriate to us.” 

Moreover, as for the timeline of the wedding the couple plans to do it after she directs an upcoming film. 

“I’m directing a movie soon, and so I have to do that before we get married. Because we have to send invite out and give people time to get ready for that,” Kristen explained.

It isn’t the first time Stewart talked about starting a family previously in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress details her plans about having kids in future.

“Well, I’m like a human being, you know? I think at some point I’d have a family,” she said during the interview. “You’re born into one and then you find some, you make some, and, you know, I’ll do all of that.”

Kristen’s dating life has always been in the limelight. The actress was in an on-again-off-again relationship with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson till 2013. After the split with Pattison she was briefly linked with  visual effects producer Alicia Cargile in mid 2013 and French singer Soko in the spring of 2016. Later on, she started dating New Zealand model Stella Maxwell from late 2016 until their breakup in late 2018. Finally she got linked with her now fiance in 2019.

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