DJ and producer Kice determinedly moves ahead in his quest to bring more glory to the American music scene.


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He is all about his passion and madness for music, which has what brought him to the industry’s forefront.

Having the vision to imprint one’s name among the greats of an industry is one thing, but working rigorously towards it and making sure to go under the grind to ultimately create one’s unique niche in one’s desired industry is an altogether different thing. Among the many industries, the music space is one, which is known for giving birth to endless new talented beings, but out of them, a few youngsters and determined music professionals create a tall standing for themselves and become well-known personalities for their unique musical talents. Making his place effortlessly in the latter category is DJ Kice, known not just for his skills as a DJ and producer but also for his entrepreneurial skills in music with his one-of-a-kind entertainment agency called Treblemonsters.

It is amazing to see how DJ Kice, instead of focusing on the competition he may face in the industry from a very early age, molded his mindset and worked his way to the top on his own to become a distinguished DJ and producer in Chicago. He knew of the fierce competition and saturation he may experience in the industry, but that never acted as a roadblock on his journey, which kept him moving ahead, gradually turning him into a well-known musical talent. From listening to DJs in his growing years, honing his skills in Piano and Tabla, taking inspiration from the music greats to performing at private events, and finally showing his A-game in nightclubs and festivals across the world, DJ Kice did come a long way.

He was only 18 years of age when he rose in the music scene in the US with his first major set at Bon V Nightclub Chicago. He believes in being a versatile talent, and hence his performances include him integrating different music genres, bringing the right energy and vibe in the audiences, and attracting more crowds. For doing more in the industry, he founded Treblemonsters, a unique artist management and music consulting agency for catering to the venues and top-tier global talent across the US. He is also a part of his band called Treble Squad. During tough times of Covid, he had even come forward for supporting unemployed artists, which led him to co-found Chicago Entertainment Relief, for helping musicians and artists find information about everything to help them with relief, economic resources, etc.

DJ Kice (, who has already given tracks like Pusher, How Do You Feel, and Bailer, can’t wait to come up with more exciting new tracks and bowl over the listeners and music lovers all over again.


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