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Music is something that has always played a major role in the lives of individuals. As the word suggests, most people on this planet live separate lives, but it is music which often provides a factor of commonality irrespective of gender, colour, caste or religion. With such high demand for new songs and innovative forms of music, it thus makes sense that the music industry has always been a flourishing one. Hundreds of artists make their debut each year, with the hope that they will be the next big name ruling the hearts and minds of listeners around the globe. However, creativity surrounding music does not stop there. Recently, DJing has also become an integral part of the music industry, with remixed tunes often becoming more popular than their original versions. On this note, we introduce DJ Antonio Diego, a recently established representative of the global DJing community.

DJ Antonio Diego, whose real name is Antonio Horton Jr, was born on the 10th of October, in the year 1989, and was brought up in Dallas, Texas. Growing up DJ Antonio Diego was always interested in music. Having a supportive environment allowed him to grow into a professional musical artist rather than just someone who listens to music. In his formative years, Antonio Diego hustled a lot and gained knowledge not only about music theory but also about how to entertain people. Yet, he took up a role as a club manager to make his debut in the music industry. This was a crucial period in his life as it not only exposed him to the behind-the-scenes journey of being an artist but also taught him that DJ Antonio Diego was interested in taking up a more hands-on position in the club, selecting the type of music that would be played and thus, the vibe at the parties. Becoming a DJ was the obvious option, and now DJ Antonio Diego has become a household name in the national tour and clubbing scene.

“Some times I feel like God, as well as other days I think like a snail,” said Bartees Strange.

DJ Antonio Diego is not someone who likes to limit himself to any one type of art form as it stifles his ability to show off his creativity. This is why in the future he wants to take up several different areas of work such as acting and also wants to go into the restaurateur business. All these are obviously alongside furthering his career as a DJ, with world tours and festival shows. While it may seem extremely ambitious and frankly impossible to achieve DJ Antonio Diego as an individual has shown a lot of determination and hard work in the past which makes it easy to believe in him. If you want to know more about him and are looking forward to being included in his future accomplishments make sure to follow DJ Antonio Diego on his social media profile.


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